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Access by BMW Opens the Door to a New Kind of Performance Experience

In years past, visions of escaping for the weekend on some breathtaking road trip in a convertible BMW was usually limited to those who didn’t necessarily need the practicality of a roomier SUV or those fortunate enough to own two or three vehicles. However, with the new Access by BMW subscription car service, having personal access to a coveted model of the “Ultimate Driving Machine” is no longer restricted to just two, three or even four options. The premium service provides members with access to a wide range of new vehicles in the BMW lineup — all with the simple touch of an app.

Yep, that gorgeous, 400-plus horsepower BMW M4 is available with the subscription service as well, just in case you’ve been envisioning that weekend getaway in something a bit more roomier and more powerful than a M240i convertible.

More importantly, Access by BMW is far more feasible on the budget than you might expect, especially given all the perks that come with membership.

Access by BMW is extremely easy to use. Simply download the app and start perusing the available lineup to see which vehicle you’d like to request first.

When you’re ready to request a new BMW, use the app to pick your preferred vehicle. You’ll also select the desired time and location for the swap. A personal BMW concierge then shows up at the scheduled time with the fresh BMW you requested, transfers everything over to your new vehicle, and hands you the key.

Not exactly sure which BMW vehicle to get first? Don’t worry. Access by BMW’s personal concierge service will help you figure that out as well, whether it’s a lot of space that you need or a more compact car to navigate the city landscape.


The only primary requirements to use Access by BMW are: 1) A smart phone (Android or IOS); 2) A valid credit card; 3) Be at least 21 years of age; and 4) A clean driving record.

There is a $575 non-refundable fee to join Access by BMW, when you schedule your first BMW vehicle. Being that Access by BMW is a monthly subscription service, you’re also required to pay a monthly fee for the service.

Perks of the Service

Believe it or not, there are a lot more exclusive perks that come with membership to Access by BMW that go well beyond just having access to a range of different vehicles in the performance brand’s lineup. The vehicle subscription program includes unlimited swaps, vehicle maintenance, insurance and BMW Roadside Assistance.

The insurance (for approved drivers) includes the following: a $1,000 deductible; $1,000,000 liability coverage (combined single limit); $300,000 uninsured motorist (combined); $2,000 medical payments to offset any out of pocket or deductible costs

Every freshly-minted BMW is delivered with a full tank of fuel.

Members can also move from one tier plan to another. Also, let’s say you plan on being out of town for a month or so. Well, you can actually pause your Access by BMW service for any length of time, for a convenience fee of $200, then pick the service right back up when you’re ready at no additional cost.

If you find yourself wanting to keep a particular vehicle a little longer than a month, no problem. Access by BMW doesn’t restrict how long or how short you can keep a vehicle.

Other Things to Know

Pets are allowed in the vehicle, but they absolutely must be transported in a crate.

Access by BMW says it’s best to try to book a vehicle a few days in advance. But in the event you find yourself wanting a BMW more immediately, the Access by BMW concierge will bring you the best option available.

In the event you have an accident in a vehicle, Access by BMW will deliver another vehicle to your desired location, once the situation has been stabilized and police have been notified. Members can also use the Access by BMW app to report incidents like accidental spills in the vehicle, as part of program’s aim to be as seamless for members as possible.

The subscription service is also “worry free” for members when it comes to those unexpected maintenance or repair issues, which can wind up taking time out of one’s busy day. If an unforeseen mechanical issue pops up, members can simply use the app to notify Access by BMW, and the concierge team will quickly take care of the rest.

Access by BMW subscriptions include 2000 miles of driving per month across the span of vehicles you use. Any unused miles simply ‘roll over’ each month for as long as you continue to use the service. In the event you don’t have ‘roll over’ miles, members are charged $0.50 per mile for each mile over 2000 in a given month.

The subscription service also allows members to register up to two additional eligible drivers to their account to drive the vehicles.

Cost of the Service

The cost of Access by BMW ranges from $1,099 – $2,699 per month, depending on the tier of the program.

Tiers of the Service

Access by BMW memberships are offered in three tiers (Icon, Legend and M), which all include vehicle maintenance, insurance and BMW Roadside Assistance as part of the membership fee.

The vehicles available with an Icon level of Access by BMW include the BMW 240i convertible, the popular 330i sedan and the X3.

The Legend tier includes the award-winning BMW M2 coupe, 440i convertible, 540i sedan and the X5.

The exhilarating “M” tier level of the program includes the BMW M4 convertible, M5 sedan and the 560-plus horsepower X5 M, which has a 0 to 60 mph time of a blistering 4.0 seconds.

BMW M tier members, the most exclusive level of Access by BMW, can also swap into vehicles from the Legend and Icon tiers. Legend tier members can also opt for vehicles from the Icon tier.

Locations the Service is Available

Currently, Access by BMW is only offered in Nashville, Tennessee, which is where the program was launched as a pilot.


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